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Easy Grass helps to install and produce a beautiful grass that will stand the test of time.
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We provide garden landscaping solution with affordable and time saving workmanship.
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Artificial Grass Products

Pets Artificial Grass
All of our ranges are dog and pet safe giving you peace of mind that man¡¯s best friend (and woman¡¯s!) will still be safe to spend time out of the house playing in the garden with the kids or enjoying a sunny day lounging around on the grass to help keep cool.

What makes our artificial grass pet safe & friendly?
  • Prevents muddy paws
  • Strong durable surface
  • Environmental friendly, no more grass cutting
  • Drainage to not only prevent puddles
  • 5 to 10 year manufacturers ¡°wear¡± guarantee for peace of mind
  • Made using the highest quality / non-toxic components
  • Easy to clean. To clean up any dog mess, simply discard the things you usually would and then rinse down the artificial grass with a weak bleach solution.
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