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Artificial Grass

Easy Grass, the fast and easy landscaping design services in Johor Bahru. We are the retail suppliers of artificial grass who pride ourselves on delivering quality products direct to your home or business. All our artificial grasses are made using the latest technology ensuring for the highest quality product available on the market today to purchase. Each artificial turf has minor differences which defines the grass type, as it is hard to define these differences online we have given the main features below to help you select the grass you feel is correct for you. As we provide the highest quality artificial grass available, you don't need to be checking the specifications too much so choosing an artificial grass ultimately comes down to personal preference and what is right for you. Some grasses are thicker, darker, bristly, longer etc. 
The main materials used to manufacture artificial grass are Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE). Polypropylene (PP) has a strong and firm property which makes artificial grass suitable for low impact activities that includes gardening and sports such as golf and tennis. Polyethylene (PE), however, is softer and more durable. Artificial grass made of Polyethylene (PE) is appropriate for high impact activities and is suitable to be used for playgrounds and sports fields because it reduces the risk of injuries. When Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) are combined, the artificial grass produced is soft yet strong and more elastic, making it user-friendly and definitely safe to use.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Beautiful Lawns for any Budget

There are many different types of these grasses available today, starting from the economy plain green outdoor floor covering to luxurious thick pile grass lawns that even have a beige thatch effect making them look extremely realistic. The choice is plentiful and don’t get too concerned about the installation process, if you are looking to lay artificial grass in a large area there are plenty of handy landscape gardeners who will help you with the groundwork. Artificial grass for gardens can turn a back yard into an instant garden.

Low Maintenance Garden

  • Extremely low maintenance – only requires light brushing to maintain appearance
  • Hard wearing & long lasting
  • Saves time & costs
  • No Mowing
  • A lush green lawn all year round
  • UV stable
  • Durability- lasts between 8 & 15 years (subject to product & usage)
  • Easy cleaning – stains or pet mess can be rinsed / washed off with mild detergent & warm water
  • Easy to install – see our free fake grass installation guide

Ideal for Children and Pets

The products are pet friendly and easily washable with warm water and a mild detergent should any ‘accidents’ happen. Imagine no more muddy dog & no more muddy kids. Great lawn for kids to play on
  • Pet friendly – no stains, mess is cleared up easily
  • Child friendly – provides a great clean surface to play on

Solve Garden Problems

It can be easily laid on hard surfaces such as concrete and over tarmac as well as on compacted sand when replacing or enhancing existing gardens. This spring has seen an upsurge in many consumers wanting to cover unsightly garden decking which has lost it’s appearance over the winter period, this being the case artificial grass can easily be the solution. In fact the decking and hard standing areas are far easier to quickly cover with artificial grass than the full replacement of lawned areas, although the latter is a simple procedure provided that the preparatory groundwork is carried out properly. 

It can be difficult to grow natural turf in certain areas such as shaded parts of the garden and artificial grass may just be the solution to brighten up that space with an all year round green grass. You may have a dull concreted area, some unsightly decking or a darkened back yard which would benefit from an easily laid piece of fake grass. All our products are UV stabilised and therefore won’t change colour during long sunny periods. 
  • Due to free draining base – No muddy patches 
  • No Moss , No Weeds 
  • Hard wearing – no more muddy patches 
  • Improved appearance all year round 
  • Great for difficult, shady areas

Environmental Benefits

The obvious environmental advantages are that an artificial grass lawn does not require watering or treating with pesticides or mowing; it only requires pollution free, low maintenance in the form of brushing the pile and clearing off any twigs and leaves. Once fitted, artificial grass has a porous backing which allows rainwater to run through, thus it dries far quicker than a real lawn. These lawns are a time saving solution which will result in no muddy patches, no dry and bald areas, a considerable saving on water consumption and in the long term a considerable saving in the pocket as over the lifetime of one of these better quality lawns it can prove cheaper than laying and maintaining real turf. When the hosepipe bans are upon us (usually after about a week without rain), watch out for those savvy neighbours trying to hide a wry smile; they may have a dirty car but their lawn will be immaculate. 
  • Save water – no watering 
  • No need for pesticides, fertilizers or weed killers 
  • Most products are recyclable
  • No lawn mower emissions or noise polution 
  • No watering – forget those hosepipe bans & use less water
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