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Laying On Decking Artificial Grass
Many people have either wooden decking or a nicely laid patio in their back garden, perhaps as a finishing touch to a house extension such as a conservatory. Decking and Patios always start off looking amazing and are a welcome addition to most properties adding value and a nice space to enjoy time with family and friends. Unfortunately though, many common issues often arise for those who have patios and wooden decking that essentially ruing the investment and making the once fabulous area start to look weathered and unappealing. Many choose to cover there decking in artificial grass but it is essential that an artificial grass underlay is used to prevent the grooves from showing through.

Fitting artificial grass is a simple, effective process to cover high maintenance decking. Decking underlay is essential when fitting artificial grass to decking. Apart from adding the feel good factor texture under foot, decking underlay more importantly prevents lines and sagging in your artificial grass. This simple yet effective underlay has a tough woven backing for a secure fit and also contains drainage holes to prevent puddles of water appearing.

A good quality artificial grass underlay for decking and patio will be 8-10mm+ in height, have a strong backing that grips the existing surface and will have drainage holes already embedded in its surface to make sure you avoid getting large pools of water collecting on the surface. 
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